Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Terms and condition of Membership of The Naiya Indonesia
By being our member, you will always get the member price in every time you order The Naiya's products.

We are offering you to be member of The Naiya Indonesia by doing A MUST and OPTIONAL steps:
A MUST (You have to do these 2 "a must" steps)
1. Becoming one of our friends on Naiya I, Naiya II, Naiya Kaftan
2. Like our fanpage: The Naiya Indonesia on facebook

OPTIONAL (You can choose at least 1 of these steps)
1. Add BB PIN 21daa23b
2. Becoming The Naiya's BBM groups member
3. Join this site and becoming 1 of our followers
4. Follow us on twitter

*For you, who does not use BB, will automatically being The Naiya's member in the second time you order The Naiya's products.

Terms and condition of Reseller of The Naiya Indonesia: Retail System
There are no minimum order for being our reseller with retail system. You can only order 1 piece of our product, we also provide drop-ship system, and you will automatically get the reseller price.

Terms and condition of Reseller of The Naiya Indonesia: Wholesale System
Get special price by ordering product with wholesale system. Wholesale system starts from minimum order as much as 3 pieces (same product, same model, series). The more the pieces, the more you get the discount.


Syarat dan Ketentuan Keanggotaan The Naiya Indonesia
Dengan menjadi anggota, kamu akan selalu mendapatkan harga anggota setiap kali kamu berbelanja produk dari The Naiya.

Cara menjadi anggota The Naiya Indonesia adalah dengan melakukan langkah-langkah WAJIB DAN PILIHAN berikut:

WAJIB (Kamu HARUS melakukan 2 langkah berikut)
1. Tambahkan Naiya INaiya IINaiya Kaftan menjadi teman kamu di facebook
2. LIKE fanpage The Naiya Indonesia di facebook

TAMBAHAN (Kamu bisa memilih setidaknya salah 1 langkah berikut)
1. Tambahkan PIN BB 21daa23b

2. Jadi anggota group BBM The Naiya
3. Bergabung di website ini dan jadi salah 1 follower/pengikut The Naiya
4. Jadi follower/pengikut The Naiya di twitter

Buat kamu yang tidak menggunakan BB, kamu akan otomatis menjadi anggota The Naiya saat kamu berbelanja untuk yang kedua kalinya.

Syarat dan Ketentuan Reseller The Naiya Indonesia: Sistem Pembelian Satuan
Tidak ada ketentuan minimum order untuk menjadi reseller satuan The Naiya. Kamu bisa hanya membeli 1 buah produk, bisa dengan sistem drop-ship, dan kamu akan otomatis mendapatkan harga reseller.

Syarat dan Ketentuan Reseller The Naiya Indonesia: Sistem Pembelian Grosir
Dapatkan harga spesial dengan berbelanja menggunakan sistem pembelian grosir minimal 3 buah (dari produk yang sama, model yang sama, warna serian). Semakin banyak jumlah pembelian kamu, semakin besar potongan harga yang kamu dapatkan.

- The Naiya Indonesia -

For asking the questions, feel free to send your text, leave comment on this site, send message to, or drop your message to Naiya's inbox on facebook. Thank you


  1. cara daftar jadi reseller gimana yah?

  2. Salam ... I have emailed u my order list a few times... it has been a week now... Can u pls reply me... thks ...

  3. salam,

    I am interested in your products, But I live in France, it is possible to deliver in my country?

    thank you for your response